Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A little update from Cate.....

Apologies all, for the last 3 weeks there have been very few updates from me, and the tone of Nick’s posts would indicate that something has changed…..

It has.  Drastically. 

I am now home in Brisbane and Nick is still travelling the wide brown land of Oz.

I’ll give you the details of why……

First of all I will start with a disclaimer.  Nick and I are fine, more than fine, we are still in total, adoring love with each other.  This is one of the reasons I decided to come home.

So, you all will have been aware since the first blog post really that I was always going to struggle with the ‘travelling in a van style of life’.  And I did, I really really did. 

Sometimes it was marvellous, and we just were blown away by the incredible experience.  Other times it was tough.  This was the most common experience for me, I found it tough a lot of the time.  Things like lack of showers cooking facilities really got me down, and despite my attempts to become a chilled out, relaxed beach babe, I am for better or worse, who I am.

My difficulties were the reason we spent more time in particular locations than anticipated.  While this made the journey easier for me, Nick was still hankering for the wide open road, the adventure and the challenge of travelling in a van.

Therefore to end my anxiety, and allow him to experience all of this I made the decision to come home.

It was hard.  That was 3 weeks ago and it’s still hard.  After being side by side with my favourite person almost every minute of every day for 9 months I am now back in Brisbane while he is at the opposite end of the country.

It is amazing how you feel when you return from travel too.  You feel so different and home feels the same and what a challenging thing that is.  But you adapt, and three weeks on I have begun to, and home feels like home with a little twist of lemon now as I’m slightly different.

On Friday I’m off to Perth to have a little bit more WFR time with Nicky for our second wedding anniversary, and then I may go and meet him when he gets to the middle of the country.  Otherwise all stories of roving will be his, and I will be at home cheering him on.  

Just one more thing, it was a most amazing adventure, and my gosh did I fall in love with my country, my husband and also with life.  Travel really is the ultimate, but there is also something scarily divine about coming home.......

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